I Love BTS Fan Chant - Gold Plated Necklace

I Love BTS Fan Chant - Gold Plated Necklace

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Show the world that you belong to BTS army and be proud or gift this awesome necklace to your BTS super fan friend/family member.

  UV Resistant

  Water Resistant

22 inch necklace chain that fits great on anyone.

A custom hardened resin insert is placed on top of the pendant to give it the highest quality color vibrance possible.

♥ Limited necklaces are available. Hurry up and grab yours SOON!!!

 This item is NOT available in stores.

Note: the core metal of the necklace is zinc alloy that is then wrapped in a gold plating. Since the core of the pendant is zinc alloy it does not have a karat rating. The gold plating is 0.2 millimeters thick to ensure a beautiful, lustrous, shine.